Author Meetup

What devoted Fringe fan wouldn’t want to meet up with another fan. In this case, it was someone I met online. We chatted and texted for months before the schedule meeting. We had a lot in common, especially a love of the defunct show. The woman is an author who writes a lot of fan fiction. I really admire what she does. I felt that we were friends already, but thought it best to encounter one another in a public place. A coffee shop would probably have been more appropriate, but she loved the idea and wanted to try something new out: an indoor trampoline facility that had been advertising on Facebook. It piqued my curiosity as I had never even seen anyone jump on a small backyard version.

We had a safety brief together and proceeded to find an available trampoline. We watched a few others, some experienced pros, and were eager to see what it is like. It didn’t disappoint and we had a great time. We sat down after for a rest and started talking. It was easy to while away the time given our fondness for the same Fringe characters. She had a good memory for plots and episodes and even topped me in this regard. We reminded each other of certain programs that we had forgotten. I have seen them so many times that I was surprised that this happens from time to time. Our meeting was a good opportunity to share our knowledge.

I continued to text and message my new friend, and we agreed to meet again as time permits. She is a super busy person with all kinds of responsibilities. I, on the other hand, will make time if it has anything to do with Fringe. It is comforting to know that there are fellow Fringe fans out there, devotees like me who want to share the joy. Meanwhile, I visited the trampoline facility on my own. It was a daring adventure, and one I couldn’t forego. I really preferred to have my friend along to help me ante up my skills and try new moves. Once I mastered tucks, there was the matter of somersaults and flips. When I achieved success, she was the first person I notified. Now I am telling you. If you want to have an amazing time and get a little exercise, get off your butt and jump on a trampoline. There’s a lot of information about them on this web site. You will work up an appetite, so plan a good meal right after.

After disclosing my trampoline sessions, I waited for word from my author friend. I wanted to know what adventures had come her way. She was writing all the time now, so there was nothing novel to share. Who knew that I would be the exciting one in this friendly duo? I usually spend time watching TV and not out performing trampoline tricks. I was proud of my recent achievement. I hope it is comparable to her writing prowess. What do you think?