Favorite Fan Sites


I love the internet. Aside from going to a convention or something, it’s just about the greatest way to find other people who share my love for shows like Fringe, and I can do it from the comfort of my room. Since I’m always investigating for cool new sites and keeping up to date with my old favs, I thought I’d compile a good resource list for my blog readers. Then you have somewhere to check out if I’m too busy to post one day, and you’re really looking for that Fringe fix.

I really love the way Fringe Blogger’s site is set up. It’s very easy to find info, although their spoilers link doesn’t work anymore—I guess because there aren’tanymore new episodes, there isn’t really anything to spoil. The observers files give you a lot of help if you’re confused about something that went on and then there’s the clues section for when you’re really lost. It runs backwards chronologically, so you start at the end, and when you click on the very last page, you get to see all the promo stuff from before the show started airing. This section is where you will find episode reviews, notes, and easter egg lists. It’s also got a pretty decent following on Facebook, which proves to me that other people out there also think it’s a site worthy of your attention!

The most in-depth site I’ve ever had seen, though, is the practically professional Fringepedia site. It is a huuuuge wiki site for fans, by fans. It has just about everything you can think of, and people are still working on it. Whenever I’m trying to remember when something specific happened or what a minor character’s name was, I’m on Fringepedia checking everything out. I love the organization they have going on there. Color coding the characters to show who is alive and who isn’t? Total genius.

One other place that I know it isn’t a fan site per sayis the IMDB Fringe site.  I can’t help reading all the trivia and goofs. It is so fun to be “in the know” about my favorite show! I also like to go there so that I can keep tabs on everyone’s new projects and see if there’s any new information. I am always checking the message boards there, too. For a show that has finished it’s run, it’s nice to see people still posting about it. I also like that you can find out information on anyone affiliated with the show, from crew to people who made a single guest appearance to all of our main character favs. It helps me find new shows and movies to watch, too.

Well, there you have it. A few places I go to get my Fringe fix! That being said, I (of course) hope that my site is your go-to for all things Fringe!