Fringe Party!

It’s time for one of my Fringe parties. I love to have them from time to time as my friends never get tired of reruns. You no doubt live too far to attend, so you will have to get a vicarious experience. If you love the old TV show as much as we do, you can be there in spirit. Or you can write your comments to me about your favorite episodes. We will devote part of our evening to your input. I call my group the Fringe Media Network. I try to keep interest alive by discussing topics the show typically touched upon. We watch old video, or even better, we imagine new characters and plots. Sometimes the scenarios are farfetched, but that is as it should be. You are a fellow traveler if you are reading this blog. Let’s keep Fringe alive!

What goes on at a viewing party? Nothing sinister of course. We watch, we talk endlessly, and we eat. It is a social evening among close friends, and outsiders are also allowed if they enjoy Fringe. I welcome new converts, although frankly, most people have been following the show for years. It is hard to come to it by yourself given that it no longer runs. Nonetheless, we can talk about episodes for hours and hours and reminisce. Sometimes we have forgotten key elements and scenarios and need some reminders. Often, we record a really good conversation. If someone misses a meeting, they can have access to it. When it comes back, it becomes part of my archives. They are in a fire-proof safe along with the DVDs. It is my precious cargo after all.

We enjoy sodas and chips and the usual sugary snacks, but I have started to offer something new and special. I have purchased some reusable water bottles with the Fringe logo emblazoned upon them. The gang adores it. I fill the receptacles with filtered water (I recently installed a home system after reading Home Water Health). There are no complaints about impurities or a tell-tale chemical taste from the tap. Filtered water is almost 100% pure no matter what device you have selected. Even a pitcher in the fridge with a special filter will work, but I went whole hog and put in something to service all my faucets and taps.

The water bottles were hysterical the first time and caused quite a stir. People loved the idea in principle as an effort at water conservation. They exclaimed how clever I am to save on purchased water. They were by no means insulted that they didn’t get pricy Evian. Most people want to take their bottle home as a souvenir. I don’t balk given that I had to order several dozen to get a fair price. For my birthday or a special occasion, I have been given assorted Fringe memorabilia like key chains, rare DVDs, and a wallet. Anything that can handle a printed logo has been a gift.