Help from a Friend

I wanted to make a little extra money and advertised my house on Airbnb. I love the concept and you can have as many or as few people as you want. It is short-term renting and will keep a little more change in your pocket. Mine is always empty so I found a good way to refill it. It is better than trying to keep expenses under control. That is always a huge chore. What do you cut back? Food, new clothes, entertainment, travel, new Fringe DVDs? Nothing must go in my life. I have the problem solved. Read about it below.

Okay one solved but one new one to deal with. My last renters smoked up a storm and it permeated all the fabric, drapes, carpets, and bedding. I had never thought of this. Then I realized why cheap hotels smell like disinfectant. They have to mask the odor. Now I need to make some decisions. No more renters who are smokers (perhaps I’ll need to check them on Facebook first) or get some good scented spray. I could also use an air purifier. Maybe both. It is time for a cleaning fest.

I invited over a friend with the promise of watching a new Fringe episode, one she hadn’t seen since I just acquired this gem. She agreed knowing that some cleaning was going to take place first. Professionals will come to your home to do the job but then it eats into your rental profit. I consulted a few and read on line so I could do it myself.

Before my friend arrived, I opened all the windows, hoping for a nice breeze to do its job. Fresh air couldn’t hurt in any form. I bought some products at the grocery store and lined them up on the dining room table. I read each label carefully. We started watching the DVD enjoying a beverage and snack while the bed linens were in the wash. The house still smelled, but not so bad. After the episode, it was time to get the cigarette smell out of my house. I had already removed all the ashtrays and disposed of the butts. We took turns sprinkling deodorizing powder on the carpet and let it sink in. After vacuuming the residue out, we wiped off all furniture surfaces. It was now time to spray the sofa and upholstered chairs with Febreze. I chose a light scent. I am told this will remove odors from fibers and not just mask them. If you prefer, you can buy eucalyptus oil and put it in a sprayer. It is also good in the washer.

So far so good. It was looking and smelling better, almost clean. The air purifier was doing well in deodorizing the air. All the techniques we employed played their parts. It was a group effort although the participants were not all humans. I was thrilled. It was a lot of effort which made me think twice of offering the place up for rent; but at least for now the stale smoke was definitely gone.