Keeping Fringe Alive Through Fanfiction

Not many shows have the ability to captivate the imagination like Fringe. It’s no surprise, then, that spin-off novels and comic books have been inspired by the show. It’s also no surprise that fans would take matters into their own hands and create their own content. Fanvids and fanfiction is huge on the internet, and are an increasingly popular way for fans to express their appreciation for imaginative shows with rich characters.And we had a lot of both on the fantasticFringe! The incredible twists and turns of the show allow for anyone, from the intimidated novice to the experienced wordsmith, to try their hand at a case for the Fringe team to solve. Just like the show didn’t have a lot of limitations, neither does the fanfiction. In some cases, the more bizarre the situation, the better the plot and more like the show the fanfiction gets!

Whenever I’m looking for something new to read, I check out sites like Fanfictionor Archives of Our Own to see what great stories are available from my fellow fans. There are also some blogs out there that have some good stories, but as the date of the last aired episode gets farther and farther into our collective review mirrors, some people run out of ideas and their blogs aren’t really updated anymore. We are blessed with a great community of creative people, and the internet helps us share our work with each other. I love the stories that pick up after the series ended, but I also love gap stories—the ones that fill in the holes between seasons or specific episodes, where an idea or plot point can be expanded upon. For example, I always wondered what could have happened if it took Olivia longer to convince Peter to remove that implant? And if Walter was erased, how did the tulip drawing come in the mail? I mean, I have my own ideas, but I am always interested in the theories created by other fans. I also like some of the romantic pieces between Peter and Olivia as well as the occasional happily-ever-after stories with the two of them and Etta. Or even continuing Etta’s storyline—there is a world of possibilities there.

When you were watching the show, was there anything that you felt wasn’t fully answered or explored before the end of the series? Was there a case that you felt left something to be desired? Maybe you should sit down at your keyboard and get started on your own fanfiction! When you’re done, send me the link!