Not the Best Idea I’ve Ever Had

I’ve been devastated since Fringe has ended and while I am content to watch old episodes and blog about them, it isn’t the same as encountering a new show every week. It did put me in a category by myself and sometimes you get lonely in your little make-believe world. Sure, there are other aficionados of this defunct TV show and its sci-fi realm. I need to meet new people. I keep telling this to myself. I need to step outside of my boundaries and take on new interests. My parents tell me to become more of a well-rounded person. They are fed up with my one dimensionality. I ask them what do you have in mind? They mutter things like art, dancing, bowling, hiking, or soccer.

Soccer? Wow. That came as a surprise. I have never been that athletic. In school, in spite of the tremendous popularity of the sport, I sat on the sidelines. Isn’t it a bit too late to start now? They say that I will meet new friends with different interests and I can even share my own. There is nothing like joining a team for camaraderie and communal fun. I know they are right, but soccer! Isn’t it a kind of European football? All I have are stupid questions. I am a complete novice and have barely finished watching an entire match. I will read up, go to the playground, do research, and give it a go. I will find out about the attire and the gear and get outfitted at the local sports emporium.

I see the shirts and shorts in assorted colors and you can order them for your specific team. There are accessories like carry bags, knee and ankle supports, knee socks, and cleats. I am captivated by these weird shoes. They come in ridiculous neon colors and the cleats are sole projections that look like a porcupine with a terminal illness. Maybe this is not the best idea I have ever had. I will check on the colors I need and start trying on garb for size. I am fascinated by the shin guards as they imply protection against injury. I don’t know what to expect. Will I get clamored by headers or get nailed by the ball and get a concussion? I could be taking my life in my own hands.

While I don’t know where to start, I am getting the picture slowly but surely. I have already met the team and have been clued in on what to buy, including the best cleats for soccer. I know they offer the player more control and that they are a real necessity. I have to go into this endeavor with an open mind and without fear. Soccer has to be super popular for good reason. If little girls can play it, well, so can I. I love the idea of becoming passionate about something other than Fringe. My conversations will no longer be one dimensional. If you want to compare cleats, give me a call.