Putting the Pieces Together

An FBI agent, a brilliant scientist and his estranged son investigate unexplained phenomena. Oh, how I miss Fringe on FOX. We all have our personal losses and must move forward. I never let go, however, as you shall see. I am taking a class in woodworking and am making a jigsaw puzzle with a Fringe theme. What else do you expect from me! I will be making all the pieces myself with a jigsaw, a name appropriate to my project. I expect to finish later in the course after I have learned a few tricks, so in the interim I am watching reruns of the show. I will love a puzzle with a sci fi theme.

As power tools go, a jigsaw is a stellar implement. I read these jigsaw reviews and learnt that 5-amp variable speed motor is typical, which gives you up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power. This will do for most applications, but you can get larger motors. I love that I can make 45-degree bevel cuts and there is an adjustable shoe for stability. It is all about accuracy and control. It takes skill to execute a complicated and detailed puzzle. I will do what I have to master this art. Meanwhile, I am working on the Fringe theme.

Scenes from the TV show are floating in my head and I can’t decide in which direction to go. I have many years to review since the show ran from 2008 to 2013. Watching the old shows is a happy problem. I don’t want to rely on my memory alone. I will get inspiration sooner or later during this multiple-hour process. I am told that there are a hundred episodes about the fictional Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It features parallel universes and alternate timelines. I like the way you have to use your brain to keep up. Week after week, you are enveloped in a world of advanced biotechnology and shapeshifters. I love that word. I don’t love the observers from the far future who have ruined Earth. I do enjoy the time traveling (that new show Timeless has ripped Fringe off) and all the historical idiosyncrasies.

My puzzle is going to be a superior effort thanks to the woodworking class. I can’t remember how I got inspired to participate. Once under the guidance of the instructor, however, I was on my way. You can be sure that the finished product will include glyph symbols. When everything has been perfected thanks to the jigsaw and inspiration from Fringe, I will invite fellow travels over to enjoy assembling the puzzle. They can start to guess the them as time progresses. The more people, the faster it will go. I hope it will bond us together now that the show is defunct and make for a resurgence of good memories.