Puzzle Challenge

I know there are a lot of fellow travelers out there. The show got a 94% favorable rating. Good stuff is never forgotten. No wonder they are always looking to reprise classic TV as the new offerings pale in comparison. I have a giant poster on my wall emblazoned with “Fringe: the final season. Friday, September 28, FOX.” It commemorates my passion. If you love sci fi and unexplained phenomena, you should have a look. After all, Fringe received three prime time Emmys in recognition for its exciting dramatic storyline and acting. Kudos go to the special effects and sound crews for a job well done. It also garnered many Saturn awards for Anna Torv, Lance Reddick and John Noble.  The Casting Society of America and the American Society of Cinematographers also deemed Fringe as tops in their category. I could go on with Critic’s Choice and the Hugo and Leo awards.

I could tout the merits of Fringe forever but let me take a breather. I have to tell you that I made a huge boo boo the other day and accidentally put copies of my favorable show reviews into my home paper shredder. I was organizing my office and getting rid of assorted old documents. Somehow, a file of reviews got in the discard stack. As soon as I recognized my error, I stopped cold and retrieved some of the mess, hoping to put as much as I could back together. It was an impossible task—like a horrendous puzzle made of scraps instead of colorful pieces.

Yes, you can find lots of material online, but replacing everything could be traumatic. Fortunately, I only got so far. The only good part of this story is that I started to reread everything on the Internet and actually found some new items to print out. My collection would be restored and intact. I want to be the ultimate resource on the Fringe subject. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you want to amass a good archive of your own. One of my purposes in life, and this blog, is to be a repository of information.