Save Me from this Family Torture

I love my family as much as anyone else, but there are limits to how much exposure I can take at one time. When I was growing up, we were close and did everything as a unit—all the time. I often wished that I could do something with friends for a change. My parents were apparently too protective for to allow that. As a result, we had enough of each other for a lifetime.

When I was asked to join a family vacation, at first I balked and said “no way.” Then I felt guilty and changed my mind. While it might be family torture, how many of these outings will I have to endure for the rest of my life: not enough? If I miss out now, I will regret it later when we don’t have them anymore. The idea of a group camping trip didn’t sound too bad, especially if I had my charged laptop along. My parents know how important it is for me to watch old episodes of Fringe, so they bring a small portable generator in case my battery runs out. I have no excuse not to go as a result.

The day of the trip, I started to prepare and get out my trusty backpack. It has seen many such vacations and knows what to expect. After I’d prepared my laptop for travel using the tips from Business Bag Review, I placed my laptop within a secure compartment, I noticed a huge tear along the side seam. Yikes. This would never do. I had to run out fast to the nearest mall and get a new one. I thought that I might as well get one that would do double duty for business purposes since I didn’t plan to camp that much anymore. Maybe once every other year at best.

The new bag was perfect and the laptop felt right at home, safe and secure from harm. I put in earphones, my rain poncho, wallet, house keys, and first aid kit. Mother always forgets that. Leave it to the child to remember. Ha!

The weather was glorious and the scenery even better; and after all the moaning and groaning, the vacation was fine. We did the usual family games and hike. When things got boring, I pulled out the laptop and went off by myself. No one was surprised. They knew they wouldn’t see me for at least an hour, maybe when it was time to eat.

Upon returning home, I dusted off the bag to get it ready to accompany me to work. It would house all the same items minus the poncho. Instead there was a bottle of water, a snack, and an umbrella. There will be plenty of room for a book later or a change of clothes for the gym. I can travel with this roomy bag. I love the outside pocket for my cell phone. Everything has its place. I am glad that the old backpack died an untimely death.