What’s in Your Parallel Reality?

One of my favorite things about the show was the use of another reality. It was always an interesting way to present another storyline or idea while leaving the main thread of the show intact and opening up all kinds of cool ideas. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there was another you, living in an alternate reality than the life you actually have?

I always thought that it was such a cool concept. I have always wondered what I’d look like on the Other Side.I figure it is entirely possible that any alternate reality selves of mine are probably dead. If that little voice in my head went the other way a few times, I wouldn’t be here, so that is a pretty safe guess. I wasn’t known for doing the smartest of things when I was younger. Although who knows, there could be a me out there that does everything by the book. She probably doesn’t have a single scar or any fun stories to tell at parties. If she’s even invited to parties, that is. Or maybe Alternna(that’s what I call her, alternate + Arianna; not as good as Walternate but I don’t have clever writers on staff) is someone my mom likes a lot better than the real me.Not that THAT’S all too hard to pull off. Maybe that girl actually went to—and finished—a four-year college. Although maybe she has an alternate mom who just sits around smoking weed all day and doing terrible stuff. I have no idea, although I would love to meet that lady. And speaking of moms, I’d love to think that there’s some version of me out in the universe with a kid or two, adorable alternate little mini-me’s that have a dimple in their cheek when they smile.

On the other hand, what if Alternna is a badass version of me out there, working for a company like Massive Dynamic and designing something cool like a truth serum? Or even something nefarious?It would be too bad for this reality if she cured cancer or something, but if she were evil? Not so much. It doesn’t really matter if she blows up the world, because it isn’t really me, is it? She probably goes kickboxing for fun and rides a motorcycle everywhere she goes. I can totally picture her with a ton of eye makeup on and the trail of guys she leaves in her wake. She’d have to be smarter than me, obviously, and way more obnoxious. She couldn’t get to be that high ranking in a disreputable organization if she wasn’t.

When I’m bored at work, these are the kinds of things I think of. I imagine a day in the life of a me that isn’t me, who is on the Other Side, which might be better (but it might be worse) than what I’ve currently got going on. Am I the only one who does this?