Where are They Now?

It is always said when a special television series ends, and the cast and crew scatter off to other projects. I don’t always keep tabs on where everyone goes when shows I like reach their end, but I’ve made a special effort to eep in touch” with my favorites from Fringe. In the three years since the showhas been off the air, the show’s ensemble has been busy. Here are some other projects they either have been in or are currently working on in case you are looking to get a post-Fringe fix:

The show’s creators were already fairly established with their careers and have only added more impressive works to their portfolios. J.J. Abrams, a household name from his work on projects like Alias and Lost,has gone on to executive produce on shows likePerson of Interest,Almost Human, and Revolution. He also has a hand in both the rebirth of both the Star Wars franchise and the new Star Trek films.  Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, his other two co-creators and executive producers on the show, are also involved inthe Star Trek projects.In addition, they team upfor the Spiderman franchise and television shows like Scorpion and Person of Interest.

Although star Anna Torv has been acting for awhile, Olivia was really a breakout role for the talented Australian. She recently completed a sci-fi/horror film called Stephanie that is in post-production at the moment. Although I haven’t found a lot out about it, between her starring role and a writer/director from Fringe being attached to the project, I am confident that it will be good. I am also very happy to report that Torv is currently playing another FBI agent in a Netflix series currently filming. It is called Mindhunter, and I hope to bring you more information as it becomes available.

John Noble has had some minor television series success since his role as Dr. Walter Bishop/Walternate, appearing as a guest star on shows as the long-running The Good Wife as well as a two-episode stint on Rake.In addition, he was a regular named Henry Parrish on Sleepy Hollow, co-created by two of the three executive producers of Fringe.Most recently, he landed a reoccurring role as Sherlock Holmes’ father, Morland Holmes, in the series Elementary.

Joshua Jackson was probably relieved that the show took off the way it did so that he could be remembered for playing someone other than Pacey. He is currently starring as Cole Lockhart in the tv drama series, The Affair. He also appeared in an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a Netflix comedy series.

I really liked Noble in Sleepy Hollow,and I’m definitely excited about both Stephanie and Mindhunter. I can’t wait for those to come out. What about you? Any post-Fringe television or movies you have found to be worth watching?