Why Are We Doing These Things to Ourselves?

After a tough day at work, I am beat. I can barely make dinner or go to the gym. I am never too tired, however, to watch Netflix in bed. I save the late hours of the evening for catching up with work or texting friends. A phone conversation is not a rarity. All this supposed to relax me, but then I get into an email conversation and I am up for hours. Insomnia is solved by more Netflix. Actually, I just wear out and am off well after midnight. My bad habits are ruining my sleep. Are you suffering from a similar problem? Why do we do these things to ourselves?

Because they are fun, pass the time, and satisfy a need. If I didn’t watch old Fringe shows, I would be a mess. I have a quota per week! What is your passion? We all have them. I often enjoy a glass of wine or three as I watch with rapt attention. I wonder if this is not helping my nightly routine. Looking into it, I found that while one glass relaxes you, three will keep your eyes open all night. I thought people passed out after binge drinking, but that is a whole different subject. I certainly don’t want to practice this as a way to get some good shut eye.

Too much exercise will also do the trick as will having that last piece of cake before bed. Soft drinks contain caffeine so they have been banned from my regimen. Sometimes it is my own active mind that is the culprit. I go over and over the day’s events especially if I had encountered any tension at work. A good dressing down by the boss will cause the worst insomnia I know. I didn’t realize how fragile sleep is. The problem gets worse as you age, so get into good habits now before it becomes a battle of will. Replace that hard, old pillow and get soft sheets and a comfy blanket. Make your bed a personal paradise. If your body aches, take an aspirin an hour before bed. Home remedies abound such as herbal tea and honey, warm milk, the over-the-counter drug melatonin, and reciting prayers or affirmations. Take your pick from this page – https://www.berightlight.com/common-sleep-problems-manage/. When it comes to sleep, whatever works is highly recommended.

Tossing and turning and rising late will not enhance your clarity of mind or productivity at work. You won’t do well at sports or a simple workout at the gym. You feel tired and need an afternoon nap. No one wants to see you yawning while they are speaking. You must dedicate yourself to your health before it gets the best of you. While I am loathe to turn off Netflix, I can certainly start at dinner time. As a night owl, however, I love to be up and about making use of the free time. Night owls like me have a severe problem and it is harder to deal with for our type. You are lucky if you can fall asleep in the blink of an eye.